Royal Blue

About Us

Royal Blue commits to cruise you through Milos and the neighboring islands in the most exciting, fun and relaxing way.


What We Offer

Based in the picturesque Adamas of Milos, our company specializes in the field of daily leisure excursions and was created with the modern traveler in mind; therefore, our private tours are thoughtfully designed to meet the highest standards and demands, and at the same time we are flexible enough to suit your personal needs.

A daily excursion with a private boat in the Greek islands is much more than a fun holiday activity; it is a one-of-a-kind trip of its own. A journey to the most secluded shores and beaches, offering you the chance to swim in pristine waters that very few travelers have swum in, and a rare opportunity to witness some of the most outstanding natural sceneries of the Aegean that can be reached only by the sea.

Furthermore, our rib boat features front and rear sun protection, so that you can experience the truly authentic side of the Aegean Sea without any frustrations. While traveling, you are always accompanied by your favorite music via Bluetooth Audio, enjoying the refreshing wine, fruit and healthy snacks we provide you with. There is also free WiFi on board, so that you can instantly share your thoughts, stories and Greek summer vibes with your friends. For those of you who never miss a chance to explore the hidden underwater gems of the sea, snorkeling equipment is always available. Meanwhile, keep in mind that we specialize in VIP transfers as well.

With Royal Blue, any daily cruise can get as special as you want it to be. This is why we also give you the freedom to plan your own trip and discover the coastline of Milos with your friends, loved ones or family like no regular visitors ever could!


Meet our Captain

We know how to look after our guests with respect and discretion, ensuring your safety during voyages, but also your enjoyment.

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The Captain
Giorgos is a sea lover and obsessive with Milos and the Cyclades, with many years of experience. He is always cheerful and polite, while you will be amazed by the things he knows, related to sea, history and boats. He is sophisticated, with a great taste in food and exceptional music knowledge. An authentic representative of Greek hospitality.

Why Choose us

By choosing a private tour with Royal Blue, you are choosing a service as well-curated and “royal” as our name suggests!

Professional Crew

Our highly experienced captains, crew and equipment meet and exceed all the safety standards required by the law.

Unparallel comfort

Our state-of-the-art boat ensures the most relaxing cruises for each and every passenger, as well as smooth navigation without annoying vibrations.

Cruising speed

With a capability of 30 knots cruising speed we always manage to get you to your preferred destination fast, so you can enjoy it as much as you can!

Endless fun

Enjoy the sun and the sea while drinking delicious wine and admiring some of the most beautiful Greek summer seascapes.